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Skilled Lawyers For Family Law Order Modifications And Appeals In Indiana

Even though a divorce settlement, child custody agreement or other family law matter may have been decided, the court order is probably not written in stone. Modifications and appeals may be more possible than you know.

Our family law lawyers at Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., may not have been the people you worked with the first time to settle matters, but we are Certified Family Law Specialists per the Indiana Family Law Certification Board – and that gives us unique insights into what can be done. Our family law attorneys can review a previous Indianapolis court ruling and advise you on your post-decree modification and appeal options. We are dedicated to our clients to ensure they receive a positive outcome.

Modifying A Divorce Settlement

It is not uncommon for people to seek modifications to a post-divorce settlement in response to changes in their lives. A divorce settlement establishes important family matters, such as child custody, child support or alimony. An altered post-divorce custody modification may, for example, seek to give a parent more visitation time with their child, alter a child custody schedule after a parent moves or end alimony when an ex-spouse is unemployed. Many people need to make routine modifications to their divorce settlement.

Appealing A Court Decision

Mistakes happen, and not every ruling follows the correct procedures or adheres to the law. You can file an appeal to challenge child custody, child support, asset allocation or adoption rulings, for instance. We can conduct extensive research and create a well-written argument to successfully challenge a ruling and protect your rights.

How We Can Help You

Our lawyers will represent you by gathering evidence and creating an argument to prove that a post-decree modification or appeal is necessary. You can reach out to our family law lawyers at Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., for a consultation by calling us at 317-660-8150 or contacting us online.