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Learn More About The Benefits Of A Prenuptial  Agreement

There are many reasons people will seek out a prenuptial agreement, which may also be called a premarital agreement. Most people think of a prenuptial  agreement as protection only rich people need. This is simply not the truth.

First, what is a prenuptial agreement? Simply put, it is a contract that allows people to set certain terms regarding a dissolution of the marriage, should one occur, or the death of a spouse.

Some of the issues that can be settled using a prenuptial agreement are:

  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property division
  • Attorney’s fees and litigation expenses

Are There Certain Scenarios Where A Prenuptial Agreement Should Be Considered?

Some of the most common situations where it would be wise to investigate how a prenuptial agreement could be helpful include:

  • For spouses who will be creating blended families
  • For people marrying where there is a significant income or asset difference
  • For those who are entering into a marriage with business ownership
  • For people with assets owned with family members

People often have misconceptions about what goals can be achieved with a prenuptial agreement. We listen to our clients’ goals, and we make sure that we provide them with the maximum flexibility and protection that they can receive entering into a prenuptial  agreement.

Highly Experienced Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Whether you are seeking an agreement, or you are looking to ensure your rights are protected after receiving a prenuptial agreement from your intended spouse, we can help. To schedule an initial consultation, call 317-660-8150 or contact us online.