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Divorce Does Not Have To Be Conflict-Based

For most people, the image that comes to mind when they think of divorce is courtroom litigation. This is not how divorce has to be.

When soon-to-be-former spouses fight each other in court, the costs, stress and time it takes to resolve the divorce all increase dramatically. Being able to resolve elements of a divorce outside of court can offer a substantial number of benefits:

  • Lower costs
  • More control over your own future
  • Less stress
  • Ideal for creating a paradigm of cooperation going forward that can be especially valuable when children are involved

Collaborative Law Is A Unique Approach To Divorce That Delivers Real Results While Saving You Money And Stress

Collaborative Law is a divorce process where certain specific approaches are employed to minimize aggravations and improve outcomes.

Some of the ways Collaborative Law is different from traditional divorce include:

  • The spouses must agree to the process
  • The spouses must each work with an attorney who is trained in Collaborative Law
  • The spouses work together to resolve all of the same questions a traditional divorce would solve such as child custody, child support and property division
  • If the spouses cannot come to an agreement, their attorneys can no longer represent them, and they must find new attorneys to represent them to follow through in the traditional divorce formula

This focus on keeping decision-making power in the hands of the spouses rather than giving it to a judge can often allow for the creation of tailored outcomes that truly fit each spouse’s needs going forward.

Decades Of Collaborative Law Experience

Paula, Lainie and Lauren are trained in Collaborative Law and know how to navigate you through the make the collaborative process. This will help you transition from your married life into the next chapter of your life. Mediation services are also available.

Let Us Help You Take Advantage Of The Many Benefits Collaborative Law Can Provide

Your divorce will affect and shape your life for years to come. The Collaborative Law process offers real benefits. To learn more, schedule an initial consultation by calling 317-660-8150 or contact us online.