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Indianapolis Child Custody Lawyers

Parents want the best for their children. During and after a divorce, however, the potential for conflict between the parents over child custody and visitation matters can deeply affect a parent’s relationship with a child.

At Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., we strive to achieve workable child custody and parenting time outcomes that protect the rights of the client and promote the best interests of the child. We can address all your child custody issues, including:

About Child Custody

There are several combinations of child custody in Indiana. We are able to explain all of the options and possibilities to our clients and help them determine which possible combination is best for their circumstances.  We know that custody terminology can be confusing.  We will help to break down the details of each and give clear explanations of legal custody, physical custody and parenting time.

We will answer all of your questions regarding the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.  We also know,  there are circumstances where the guidelines may not be appropriate.  We will spend time with you discussing other options that may be more suitable for your particular case.

A Strong Advocate For Your Rights And Your Children

At Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., we have the legal knowledge to advocate vigorously for your desired results  in family law cases. Our negotiating skills often enable us to obtain workable solutions that are acceptable to both parents. In other cases, our lawyers utilize mediation to achieve similar solutions. When necessary, we undertake assertive litigation in an effort to protect our clients’ rights and those of their children.

Your child deserves an enriching relationship with you. We will work to ensure that your child custody rights are vigorously asserted. For a consultation with an attorney at Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., call 317-660-8150 or contact us online.