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What is collaborative law?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Collaborative Law

When people collaborate, they have a common goal in mind and work together to achieve this end result. People can do this in academic settings, workplaces and within the legal realm. In a legal setting, people often collaborate to amicably undergo divorce and child custody proceedings.

What is Collaborative Law in Indiana, and how might this practice benefit someone?

It occurs primarily outside of the court system

Collaborative Law generally involves negotiating outside of the court system. Of course, there are a few possible exceptions, such as filing paperwork as required by a court of law. Not having to go to court can save couples and families time, money, and stress that often accompanies court proceedings.

It may benefit certain people

Couples who feel that they can respectfully discuss issues such as the separation of assets and child custody may benefit from Collaborative Law. In addition to potentially being less expensive, the Collaborative process may also take less time than going through the court system. This can significantly benefit those who are already very busy during this challenging time in their lives. The Collaborative process also allows room for certain professionals, such as financial and mental health professionals, to assist the parties in reaching an agreed resolution, outside of the courtroom.

You need a trained Collaborative Law professional

if you are interested in utilizing Collaborative Law for your divorce or custody proceeding, you must work with a lawyer who is trained in Collaborative Law. That lawyer can only assist you in the Collaborative process; if no agreement is reached, you will need to work with a different lawyer in the litigation context.

Paula Schaefer, Lainie Hurwitz, and Lauren Harpold are all trained Collaborative Law professionals. Contact Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., today to learn more about the process.