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Can a prenuptial agreement help my relationship?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Prenuptial & Premarital Agreements

In these tumultuous times, having someone upon whom we can depend has never been more important. And, crafting a prenuptial agreement can actually help your relationship. It may seem like an odd assertion to some, but for couples who have prenuptial agreements, they can attest, firsthand, to how these agreements can help Indianapolis, Indiana, relationships.

It forces the “talk” that does not always happen

With the fact that 53% of people divorce, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, it is clear that many of us failed to have the “talk” with our partners. This talk is not the sex talk we give our kids. Instead, it is the talk where we make sure the passion that we feel now aligns with where we want to be later.

Kids and family

It is the kids and family conversation, where you discuss building a family. Some partners are surprised to learn that they are incompatible because they have differing views of monogamy, family and kids.


It is also the financial conversation, where both spouses lay everything bare. You talk about your current debts and assets, income, career goals, financial practices, etc. Knowing that your future husband has nearly half a million dollars in student loans might be a deal breaker for you, or it may not. But, either way, you should know upfront.


In addition, it is the life conversation, where both spouses talk about what they want out of life, where they want to live, how they want to live, etc. Again, you may find that you only want to work for a few more years to abscond back to a cabin in the woods, while your future wife wants to live downtown in a major European city. Finding something in between may be an option, but you will not know until you talk about it.

Before a marriage

These benefits can also be felt with an Indianapolis, Indiana, prenuptial agreement that is entered before the marriage as it puts both spouses on the same page. And, if you find out that you two are truly not compatible, it is much better to find that out now, rather than decades from now. You can separate now, while you care about each other, and help each other find happiness.