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Are you prepared to face surprises in divorce?  

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Divorce

There are many challenges that you may be faced with throughout your divorce that you could not possibly have anticipated. Although every divorce is different, there are some things that come up commonly in most divorces. Sometimes those things are relatively easy to get through and at other times, they seem almost insurmountable.

One of the first things that usually emerges is how quickly the issue of expenses comes to the surface. In many marriages, the responsibilities of the couple are split and commonly, one spouse or the other handles the finances, including paying bills for the couple. If that is the case and the couple gets divorced, the person who did not handle the finances originally is suddenly faced with the responsibility of paying bills. The person may anticipate what they consider to be a reasonable monthly budget but it just may not be enough in the end.

Successfully running a household

The reality is that running a household as a single parent is different from running a household where you were married. When you were married, making sure that everything ran smoothly (including everything related to your life together and raising the children) was challenging enough and there you always had many balls in the air to juggle. However, running the household successfully as a single parent can be even more challenging.

You are on duty day and night with no break. Even if you go on vacation, you do not get a break. You will always be responsible for your children and that always involves keeping watch on many different things, such as schoolwork, health care, sports, getting together with friends, and everything else that goes along with raising children.

Valuable advice from a knowledgeable divorce attorney

If you are experiencing the end of your marriage, solid advice from an experienced Indianapolis divorce attorney can offer you guidance and can help you to navigate the process so that you have a clear understanding of what to expect and to protect your rights at the same time.