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Post-Secondary Education Expenses

Indianapolis Lawyer aiding in Education Expenses Matters

According to Indiana statutes, parents can be held responsible to assist with the funding of their children's educational expenses. At Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., we have assisted many individuals with the issues they face regarding their children's educational future. We will work with you to design or modify your current child support order.

We have more than 70 years of combined family law experience and will use this knowledge to assist you with your concerns. Call us at 317.580.9295 to arrange for a consultation. You may also contact one of our Indiana attorneys online.

Indiana Law Regarding Post-Secondary Education Expenses

Pursuant to Indiana law, trial courts may order parents to be responsible for all or a portion of a child's post-secondary education expenses. The trial court is to consider the statutory factors in determining whether such an order is reasonable. These factors include:

  • The child's ability and aptitude
  • The child's ability to obtain loans and other sources of financing
  • The ability of each parent to obtain additional financing
  • Special medical, hospital or dental expenses of the child
  • Current child support payments already being made

Post-Secondary Education Orders

Typically the issue comes down to a determination of what the family would have done had they stayed intact and the financial resources of the parties remained the same. The orders of post-secondary education vary widely, and the court can order either the child, father or mother, or a combination thereof to pay the expense. For example:

  • Father to pay 50%/mother to pay 50%
  • Father to pay 25%/mother to pay 75%
  • Father to pay 33%/mother to pay 33%/child to pay 33%

The court can also place limitations on the expenses, such as limiting parents to the cost of a four-year education at an in-state institution.

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