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Indianapolis Property Division Lawyers

The division of marital property is one of the most important steps in the divorce process. Along with child custody, it can
also be a source of great contention between the parties. Difficult questions arise regarding the identification of property, its
valuation, and how it should be distributed.

Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C., experienced family law practitioners, can help you analyze what share of the marital property you
may be entitled to receive.

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Property Division Basics

Under Indiana law, the presumption is that, barring the existence of a valid prenuptial agreement, all marital property will be
divided 50/50. While a property settlement may be reached on those terms, it may also be appropriate to award more to one side or the other.
An attorney at Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. can discuss with you the likelihood of an unequal property distribution for your

Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. has extensive experience in property division matters involving marital estates of all sizes. Our
lawyers understand how to identify separate and marital property, how to value marital assets, and argue persuasively and
forcefully to achieve the client’s objectives.

Complex Property Division Cases

Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. has successfully represented clients in numerous complex property division cases, such as
those involving large marital assets, complex financial structures, and family-owned businesses. We understand how to
analyze and value marital assets such as real property, pension plans, and other assets. When needed, we can call upon
experienced forensic accountants and financial analysts to support our client’s claims.

The divorce process is about the future. To place yourself in a position to face that future from a financially secure position,
you need to make sure that you retain your rightful portion of marital assets. Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. will work to ensure
that your assets and rights are protected.

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